Ingmar Bergman chose Gotland and Fårö as the set for seven of his films and chose to spend the last 40 years of his life on the island.

But it is not only Bergman who is enchanted by Gotland’s unique landscape and location. The island have been a popular film set both before and after Bergman’s time. Gotland have been the obvious choice from Pippi Longstocking to Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice.

Thanks to the unique locations, it’s history and its experience, Gotland is the perfect production location for film. The political ambition of Gotland to be open to film production together with the availability of skilled film workers, a film studio and film education creates unique conditions for Gotland to be an island dedicated to film.

Gotland film center is one of the driving forces in the development of Gotland as an island for film and serves as a resource for those who work in film and productions coming to the island. Do you need a place to work? Do you need equipment? Help to find locations? Find a site manager or film editor? Whatever you need assistance with, we can help you get it right.